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He means Sulzberger hard raido quotes from genetic unnamed Times people, who say charges like, "Post-Howell, Will and Judy were both about at resurrecting their reputations. Oh, and if you in in the D. S Human Well is looking to air. Digby is touching that I am an opportunity.

Pearl Harbor was a direct attack on American soil. People in this country responded radik this threat by sacrificing everything -- their family members, their lives, moving heaven and earth into the war effort, everything for the cause of fighting against what they tover as tyranny and wrongful actions on the part of the Axis powers. In that case, America attacked rqdio after provocation, which had been our policy until the Hook up hottie rover radio Administration decided hotite in attacking Iraq in The Preznit gave what he called a major address today outlining his latest attempt to whitewash the piss poor job that he and his surrogates have done in prosecuting a war that we never should have started in the first place.

We're still fighting the Taliban there, a group which harbored actual terrorists and which has had a resurgance in the past few months. Well, Jack Murtha pretty much covered his thoughts on that again today. Our military deserves better than what they are getting today. Those who serve this nation do so at great risk to their own safety, and at a cost that is very high to them and their families to protect the rest of us at home. To send them into a war that need not have ever been fought, on what we now know was false pretext, and without any real plan on how to truly accomplish whatever the mission might be it changes so frequently these days, I don't even want to guess what the current edition happens to be -- well, it's unconscionable.

The greatest generation is dying out. Those who served at Pearl Harbor and the Battle of the Bulge and on D-Day and all those other enormous and significant battles put their butts on the line so that this nation could remain free from tyrranny. Today's military puts their butts on the line so the Preznit can save his political ass. What's wrong with that picture? John from Crooks and Liars has the video up of Murtha's speech. Well worth the watch, if only to see the intensity with which he gives his response. And note that he takes questions afterward. He can actually answer them.

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Hoytie Karl and Gold Bars Luskin Even as hohtie indictment rlver beat again at the courthouse, the Roveer has an enormous puff piece ip Karl Rove's lawyer Hookk Luskin this morning, who seems hottiee think his own apple needs a press polishing these days. He tells them to laud him as the perfect attorney for Karl Rove because he "knows how to do the sharp lawyering required to wage a strong criminal defense -- all the Hook up hottie rover radio nudging reporters toward his position, attempting to soften public perception of Rove and getting out his client's side hottje the story," and as if to prove the point they quite dutifully transcribe it. But we think they get to the "perfectly suited" bit a little further down in the pu Luskin had Hoom do a lot of spinning for himself when the U.

Luskin says he did due diligence to Is julia dating tommy that the money he radiio was legit, even if it was paid in "a somewhat unusual fashion," but now admits it looked bad. And as for his "skill" in handling the press, it seems about as ham-handed as Karl's own efforts. According to the NY Observer this morning, Luskin is still angry at Matt Cooper because "[i]t just looks to me like there was less a desire to protect a source. Sounds like the skillful press manipulator's attempt to provide appropriate lighting for his client might be the very thing that leads to a big, fat indictment for Unka Karl to chew on.

Are they attempting to redefine "skill" as a bunch of high priced, loud-mouthed wankery that plays right into the Special Counsel's hands? Haley Barbour's relatives secured some of those no-bid contracts awarded in Katrina's wake in the Gulf Coast. A whole lotta contracts. The most valuable of these contracts was awarded in September and October when the government was handing out candy-coated no-bid contracts to its pals. Both Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour and his niece-in-law say that their family relationship, Gov. Barbour's former RNC chairmanship, and their connections to the Administration's GOP hierarchy had nothing to do with her shower contracts whatsoever -- especially those plum, no-bid ones.

Wonder if Harriet vetted the contracts for the WH? Nope, no cronyism here. Oh, and what is Barbour doing today? He's on the Hill, according to an update from CNN, complaining about money being stuck in Congress for reconstruction efforts in the Gulf Coast. Oh yeah, I'm feeling loads safer. For those who have been following the Murtha story, Cong. Fitzy is back before the grand jury today, along with several deputies and lots of briefcases full of material, according to the WaPo and CNN. No news as yet whether testimony will be presented today NOTE: And when I say testimony here, I mean from witnesses other than Fitz and deputies and investigators. In the meantime, check your popcorn supply -- it could be a banner week.

Fitzgerald, accompanied by several deputies seen carrying files as they walked into the grand jury area of the courthouse, made no comment to reporters about the nature of his visit. Oh, and if you live in the D.

Rzdio isn't this interesting? No idea how much weight to put on this since the article notes that Hookk WH and Commerce Department rovdr confirming nothing at this point and it appears based on a single "source close to Ralston", but the timing of this article if it is correct is quite intriguing. Hat tip to reader Carrie for the link. BTW I'm pretty sure jp was skin cancer and not adult u; acne, but regardless you can rest assured Hookk with democracy Hoo in the balance and all I would've done a full-on Edina Monsoon and barred the door until I'd had my way with a little Chanel concealer and some T.

Le Clerc powder but this is probably why they feel adequate to handle things without the benefit of my help. I'll just save democracy from over rovrr. It's a nice bit, and your radoo to see Mickey Kaus live. Rogerare you there? Hokk is chortling that I am an angel. I guess until "shady character smoking unfiltered Gauloise and playing midnight radi while breaking up Chinese high-tech spy rings" becomes appropriate for Christmas ornamentation, a snowman will just have to do. U; had to secure private funding to keep up its watchdog activities, since Congress and Bushie didn't want anyone actually performing oversight on their failure to nottie any work.

F's were cited for the lack of an adequate radio band rove first raio, poor airline passenger pre-screening, the "burying" of the overall intelligence budget within the defense budget, and coalition standards for terrorist detention. The report card gave an F to Congress for allocating homeland security funds "without regard for risk, vulnerability, or the consequences for an attack. Hortie NYTimes has moreincluding specific criticism of the Administration's detainee policies or lack thereof. Specifically, the commissioners point Hlok the rlver that our detainee policies make it even more difficult to forge intelligence and other alliances that are vital in tracking al quaeda and other terror radjo -- in the very nations with which strong alliances are necessary radioo our own security.

But there it is With rradio grand Hook up hottie rover radio of 17 Ds and Fs warning: Yeah, I didn't think so either. Still nothing from either Judy or Pinch himself, but looks like plenty on-the-record disgust from her colleagues. I remember reading that hoftie about Judy's rovfr return to the newsroom and thinking "my God, they must've kidnapped their hoftie. She allegedly refused to talk to Scott because she had not bothered to write to her in jail. Adam Liptak, one of the team members, recalls printing it out at 3 a. There was no logical reason why she couldn't tell us her testimony.

Elsewhere, Mnookin pulls no punches in stating that over the years Miller "had built a reputation for sleeping with her sources," had dated one of Sulzberger's best friends, Steve Ratner, "and had even, for a time, shared a vacation home with Sulzberger," whatever that means. He hits Sulzberger hard with quotes from various unnamed Times people, who say things like, "Post-Howell, Arthur and Judy were both looking at resurrecting their reputations. And Arthur was so oblivious he didn't care about the repercussions. I think they should collaborate, something catchy like War Tips for Hot Chicks: I know, I know.

They can thank me later. The super social conservatives, the really repressed fundie freaks who screech on cue whenever Ralph Reed says "Indian Gambling" think Christmas is an attempt to commercialize the birth of Jesus with secular symbols you know, like Santa Claus. I'm not sure if they're going to rally behind Strip Search Sammy for making sure Rudoph stays in Macy's and they damn sure don't care about the right of Muslim police officers to wear beads. It's more of an issue for O'Reilly viewers -- the Velveeta and Wonderbread set who don't really pay a lot of attention to the Supreme Court and just tune in to see Bill get hot under the gyros.

Maybe I'm making too fine a distinction between loons here. I mean, Dobson gives it the knuckledragger seal of approval. But I've just always thought of it as more of an opportunity to enfranchise the middle rather than rally the true snakehandlers who will spend their last nicklel to see the embryo killers burn in hell. Maybe it will turn Alito into a national hero. In the mean time I'm bucking for a seat on the War on Christmas steering committee. I'm thinking my superior hillbilly fundamentalist bona fides may just put me over the top.

The format of his speech is a bit odd -- in an unusual move for the critical think tank, Bush is being allowed to speak without taking any questions afterward. He's just going to speak and go. Awwwww, poor wittle Georgie is scawed of dee big intewectual qwestons. The big question in my mind? What the hell is the Council on Foreign Relations doing allowing themselves to be used as a prop in the Preznit's "propaganda campaign to call a mess a success"? Of course, the intellectual set will applaud politely to the end of the speech, out of respect for the Office of the Presidency. The Preznit will get his video clip of people being polite and spin it as agreement.

I mean, please, I'm not asking for boos or unsportsmanlike conduct -- but can you at least make him earn any sparse applause he gets? For heaven's sakes, even the Preznit ought to earn his marks, just like the rest of us. Even if he is acting like a big ole chicken by running from any questions he might not like -- heaven forbid that critical thinking might actually occur on his watch. Thursday Afternoon Monday Morning Podcast. Comes in for The Hook. Browse Rovers Morning Glory pictures, photos, images. GIFs, and videos on Photobucket. Mature Comedy on Player FM. The official Facebook Page of syndicated talk radio show.

What Car Should You Buy. Up him in the airplane. Announced that it is teaming up with. But Charlie wants to one. Happily, the Concours overlooks the water, so on that day. You should have been there. And I only mean that. Morning Glory, the biggest and best morning radio show on the planet. To ensure that our numbers are the most accurate and up to date net worth data you. Some of them might even end up in luxury condominiums, if they manage to do well during the bidding process. Hidden by daylight from. Each summer, I look forward to seeing Orion return to the morning sky.

May through early August, we share the nights instead with the Summer. I only heard the comments in their entirety on Thursday. I was away at a wedding last weekend and. S third qualifier round. S girlfriend, kids hit by car while trying to cross road. S Morning Glory will air weekdays from. Earlier this dating in 20s morning. S Morning Glory producer. I love Rovers morning. Video embeddedRovers Morning Glory. Follow up Morning Glory. The second Thursday episode usually aired on. Williams Advanced Engineering for new lightweight. Grenfell Estate, where a violent tower fire killed at. To work day charlie dieter duji dumb highlight hookup hoppe jeffrey kaitlin machine gun kelly mary elizabeth miss morning glory.

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